Making Life Simple!

Life should not be  a struggle and you should feel vibrant and full of energy and vitality. So why are so many people running around stressed out and why does our society have so much disease? My guess is that people are over thinking life. If everyone would just take a deep breathe and slow down a wee bit, they would see that by simplifying there lives; life becomes more manageable.
It’s like we are the Continue reading

100 Push Up Challenge!

So why would you want to do a 100 push ups? The push up is a wonderful old fashion exercise that utilizes coordination, strength,  core power, and increases metabolism. Doing regular push ups can build confidence and improve appearance by toning the upper body and trimming the waistline. Continue reading

Express Yourself!

In my quest for total wellness, I  am constantly researching how our bodies are put together to function as a whole unit. It always amazes me how all these cells, tissues, organs, fluids, muscles, and other body parts cohesively transport messages back and forth to allow us to function. With such a beautiful gift bestowed to us, why do so many take it for granted. It’s time to start expressing yourself…genetically speaking that is. Are you ready to awaken your DNA so that it may better serve you in transporting fats, sugars, and other nutrients throughout the body, as well as protecting your cells from oxidative damage.


Then exercise is the key. All it takes is 20 minutes of rigorous exercise . Everyone knows that exercise is good, but most don’t know just how good the benefits are. In a study published in the peer – reviewed journal cell metabolism, researchers found that just a few minutes of rigorous exercise is enough to spur almost immediate changes in DNA that improve the ways health-regulating genes express themselves.  To further understand these concepts click on the link below and read the full article.

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“Heal Yourself, Heal the Plant”

Jared Repass~ My Body Reboot