Living Whole Foods

You may have heard the term Living Whole Foods before and wondered what does that mean and why should I consume them? Living Whole Foods are essential for life. They contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary to sustain life. A food is considered to be whole when it is unmolested and in its natural form. Continue reading

Introducing “My Body Reboot”!

I have decided it is time to get super healthy. To stop postponing my wellness. To stop making excuses.The stars are never going to line up perfectly and life is always gonna throw a challenge  my way, so I must learn to accept and maneuver around the obstacle like water. There will always be a distraction that attempts to take my focus away and I must stick with my plan through it all, for I know it will bring me what I seek. True wellness. Continue reading

Living on Whole Foods

Besides doing a great service to the planet, eating a balanced whole foods diet will provide your body with the necessary nutrients needed to sustain life. A plant-based diet is the most efficient way to reduce calories and increase the amount of nutrition your body receives. Your body knows how to extract and utilize  this natural type of food and efficiently discard the rest. When you eat food that is hard to digest such as processed food and animal products, your body becomes taxed as it  clogs up  your system. Making it overworked, depleting your energy, and breaking down your body from the inside out. If you continue to eat dead animals and processed food you ensure that your body will age ungracefully and prematurely and that you will most likely be plagued with poor health and unnecessary pain. If you desire feeling good and having your health, then please  read on. Continue reading

Making Room for Bliss

 Wow! It has been a really intense 2 days of renovating our office. We gave it a complete overhaul. Needless to say, I am pooped. :) Earlier this month I blogged about spring cleaning and releasing attachments to things that aren’t really serving a purpose for you anymore. I have to say, after the last 2 days of working on this office project, as tired as I am, I feel completely liberated!!! YAY! My office looks beautiful, my mind seems less cluttered and I am totally excited about being able to recycle some of my stuff to others that may need it. I posted some some before and after photos of all our hard work and the beautiful result. Perhaps they will inspire you to get a little creative and release the old and in with the new energies, yes? Check it out and enjoy!!! 

Shine as Love & Light!


Here are three “Before” photos of my office….YIKES!!! Right? Too Much Stuff!!

And three “After” photos!!! Can you feel my joy?!!! Oh yeah! I am blissed out for sure! Thanks for stopping by. :) 

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