The Gift of a New Season

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.   Ecclesiastes 3:1

fall gratifly with watermarkHello Lovelings!

Hello Fall !! Hello change!!

With every new season comes a chance to experience new beginnings.  Perhaps some of us are considering a job or career change? Some may desire a new love or to rekindle a familiar one? Is there a long standing heartfelt friendship or family member  in your life that could use  some nurturing and forgiveness? Maybe it’s time to reboot your health? Continue reading

Manuka Honey & Kelly Rae Roberts


Today I am blogging in honor and support of one of my heroes, the lovely Kelly Rae Roberts. It is because of her work that, not only am I so very inspired,…. I see now that a long heart-felt dream that I have had since childhood can, and will become a reality. Thank you Kelly Rae!

Recently Kelly Rae expressed that she and her precious toddler that she perfectly named, “True”, has been feeling under the weather. So today I am sharing with her as well as all of you who may possibly be unaware of the miraculous results of using Manuka Honey.

Born from bees that collect the nectar from the Manuka trees of New Zealand, this honey has an array of benefits. Most of all Manuka honey contains MethylGlyoxal which is 200 times more powerful than regular honey. Manuka honey has very powerful  antibacterial properties.  Here is a list of just a few of the ailments you can treat with Manuka Honey.

1. Colds, flu symptoms,

2.  Outer ulcers

3. Mrsa

4. Sinus, ear, and eye infections.

5. Wounds

6. Gingivitis

There are different grades of Maunka honey. Research claims that the honey should be 15+ or higher to prove active enough to receive the best results.  Science studies claim that another benefit is that, unlike antibiotics, this honey does not cause the resistance of bacteria and super bugs that develop after repeated exposure to common antibiotics.

I  personally have used Manuka honey to heal a bout of contact dermatitis that I picked up from a chemical exposure. I applied the honey, in addition to using pure aloe vera from my plants. The rash went away within days rather than the typical 2 to 3 weeks it normally takes to heal something such as this. I applied it topically and internally and the results were quite fascinating actually. I could see the swelling go down immediately upon application. I am allergic to the conventional steroid cream that the doctor prescribed, so I decided to try the honey and it worked! Thank goodness for me!

My sisters  also use it for their children, for prevention of sinus infections and colds. If one of the kids seems like they are facing the onslaught of a cold or infection, just a spoonful or two of Manuka Honey and they are feeling better in no time. However, Manuka does have a warning label not to use with any child under the age of two years old.

Remember that song from Mary Poppins? ♪ just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪♪♪…well, I think they just may be been referring to Manuka Honey. :)

I have another sister whose dog got attacked by a wild bear. The poor dog was pretty tore up. She used the Manuka Honey on his wounds and he is all healed up quite nicely.  Other than if you have a possible allergy to bees, I highly recommend the use of this amazing New Zealand honey.

Of course I am not a doctor and my recommendation to use Manuka honey should not replace your good judgment to see a doctor when you need too. Yet the benefits of Manuka honey are actually quite respected by more and more doctors across the world everyday. It is pure, it is natural, and it works after the fact, yet, as most alternative methods, it is best used as a preventive.

Manuka Honey can easily be purchased at any heath food store near you. Or, if you want to research more or buy it on line…”Google”. :)

Below is a link to see more of the beautiful works of Kelly Rae Roberts. She is sure to inspire you to smile, feel empowered, and joyful :)

Stay Sweet & Live as Love,

Jules 2598_74924655991_5988654_n



“Let us bathe in an ocean of courage and forgiveness. So we may cleanse the deep embedded poison , that robs us of our choice to love. And rather invite the darkness that lurks to destroy our souls, be kind to remember, we are human.”

When one lives with the blessing of courage to know that the enemy is only a reflection of our own fear, then and only then can we truly know empowerment. Then will we know freedom. Continue reading

Gratitude Jar

I was cleaning out a closet in my back room and I came across something that I had purchased a while back and stored away. It was a beautiful antique jar. As I was sitting there admiring it’s design, I began to wonder what I would do with this lovely piece of art. Even though I knew it had at one time sat in someones kitchen filled with cookies, that is not what I envisioned for it. And then it dawned…a Gratitude Jar, of course!! I took a package of colorful index cards, cut them up and began to write all of what and whom I am grateful for in my life. Then I placed them in the gratitude jar and closed the lid. Now at any given time, I can reach in there, pick a gratitude card out and it will remind me to be more thankful for what ever is written on the little card. Also , at random, I add even more cards to the jar… always thinking of things I can be thankful for.






I especially appreciate having this little gem for many reasons. Other than the obvious, there are times when I may feel overwhelmed, scared or angry. It is in those times when the treasures of what this jar holds becomes invaluable to me. I personally feel that nothing will  pull me out of being in the space of the darker energies in life faster than gratitude. Well, there is always raw vegan macaroni and cheese, tee hee.  Seriously, all joking aside, being thankful makes me instantly begin to feel more trustful of the present moment. Which turns my attitude regarding the future just a bit more bright.

Practicing gratitude is like anything else in life. I recall the day I decided I wanted to become a really great artist. I could only draw stick people at the time. Yet I began to practice everyday. And before I knew it, I could actually draw and paint something I became proud of. And as time goes on, my creations become more seemingly effortless. Gratitude works this way as well. Keep practicing and one day you will wake up and know that it is your natural state of being. And when that magical moment happens, you will master one of the great secrets of the universe.

Do you have something like this sitting around your house collecting dust? If you do, I encourage you to turn it into a gratitude jar. It’s fun, and so empowering to have something that is ever there to remind us of how to be grateful for what we have and need in order to truly manifest more of the whispers of our hearts.

Shine on,