Spiritual Meaning of the Magnificent Owl

Today I write this post in honor of my beautiful friend, Nat-r-Be.

 Nature is in constant communication with us.Whether we believe it to be true or completely understand this fact, it is true. Communicating with Nature can be  no different from going to a foreign land without knowing the language. At first we may have some trouble speaking and hearing each other, but eventually  with practice, and with an open heart, we absolutely can and will know when Nature has something to share with us.

The way I find it easy to communicate with Nature is to connect each element, animal, insect and, or, any aspect of itself to a message.

There are specific spiritual meanings, signs if you will, that when they cross the paths of our lives they are trying to give us confirmation to what is going on in our lives.

The spiritual meaning of an owl communicates to us through it’s wisdom, that You are being called upon to open your eyes, ears and mind to the truth of a situation. To listen to the wisdom deep in your heart and soul. That still small voice is trying to reach you in some way. To assist you or help you in a current challenge you may be facing. 

Some people believe that owls bring fortune for making wise choices.

If an owl has visited you, an incredible gift has been bestowed.  Also, keep in mind that animals are only called to those who share the same energy.  In other words, you hold within you some of the very same symbolic attributes the owl represents.

To illustrate, you may have abilities to know things that others do not know.  It may be likely you have very strong intuitive abilities that can be fine-tuned.  Further, you may be strong-willed person, and/or have a protective side to you. 

Many cultures pay tribute to the Owl as:

19 comments on “Spiritual Meaning of the Magnificent Owl

  1. A owl hit my car today on my side door…it freaked me out. This has never happened to me…I am looking for answers. Can you help?

  2. I found your message very fulfilling. It resonated with me as truth. Thank you for your efforts to bring your message to the world. Peace! Awomb!

  3. A huge horn-tuffed owl recently came to me on my balcony and would not leave for a long time. What does this mean? This happened about 2 months ago and I cannot stop thinking about it.

    • Hi Paula, The best thing to do is to re read this post slowly, taking in all its offering in terms of what the owl is trying to communicate to you. As you scan across the information, listen closely to your breathing and heart beating. Do you notice any skips or changes when you come across a certain word or sentence? Hope this helps wise one. :) xo

  4. I have been seeing owl ornaments in shops over the last month. I am not looking for they just happen to be in a shop
    I bought one at a market to put on my bookshelf and its so funny to walk into a strange shop and I laugh ..owls hi there..sometimes I get the buzzes down my back when I talk about them to the shop assistant.
    Are they my guides giving me directions or to that nature?
    We sometimes have a tawny mouth one visit mainly in winter which it is now.
    Thank you

  5. Thankyou for your article, I was looking to try & understand what came to me in a meditation last night, I was round a fire with other Indians & we were all dancing then I saw an owl flying towards me so I put up my right arm & he landed on my right hand bringing with him a sprig of greenery for me then he flew away, then some children came around me to play then I went & sat down near the fire & a man sat behind me cuddling me & we watched the others dancing around the fire, There was so much love there

  6. I was sitting on my porch and an Owl came right up and sat with me. I feel so honored and it happened on Jan. 1, 2014. I talked to him and he even let me take his picture. He stayed for about 20 minutes. I am still in awe! I wish I could send the picture.

  7. Today i saw an owl in the woods while mushroom hunting and slowly walked up to him and he didnt move at all so i petted him on the back of the head and he still didnt move so then i reached down and picked him up and he didnt try to peck me or claw me at all he just stayed calm. What does that mean

  8. This was a marvelous post! I deeply enjoyed it and had to share on FaceBook. Is there one on the sea turtle? I have believe he is my totem.
    God be with you!

  9. Hi,I am an artist by profession,today morning I had an owl in my balcony from 5:30-till almost 12:00at noon,I was feeling so deeply connected with it I even sketched it out,it was so good really beautiful. …. This is a second time we had owl at our place …. But this experiance was something different… I read through your post .. I cannot tell if its intution but yes at times I dream about something, say an earthqwake or a massacre or something spiritual about water ,flowers or light… Has any such things got some connection…

    Also ,the place where the owl had come and sat for so long,I have a bogan villa plant there,Abd on it just a few days back I had put a stained glass artifact of an owl,painted by me, Abd that very place the owl came abd sat,…… Surprising!!

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